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*Do you have a killer idea but no collateral and the Banks would not give you the time of day?

*Have you made a couple credit mistakes in the past and your personal credit has suffered?

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•  IT'S NO SECRET THAT SHELF CORPS ARE OLD COMPANIES THAT ONCE DID ACTUAL BUSINESS:  But are now out of business (Typically for Not Paying Yearly Fees). 

  PROS & CONS:  Buying these type of corporations has its advantages and disadvantages.

•  ADVANTAGE: Is that the company has real tradelines that can be potentially large. In order to get these kind of tradelines on your corporation, you will have to spend thousands of dollars.

•  DISADVANTAGE: of buying these corporations is that it can be expensive and way over the budget of some of us.

•  THE 2012 SHELF CORP SECRETS (FLORIDA EDITION) WAS CREATED:  To serves as a guide to acquiring these corporations at an extremely low price. This guide outlines the exact method that I use to acquire close hundreds of shelf corps; which were re-sold; thousands more than the actual cost, of which 80%+ of them had a 70 paydex score or higher.

•  MOST COMMONLY ASKED SHELF CORP QUESTION:  One of my top 10 questions recieved in my daily inbox was; "Do you have another location other than Arizona I can buy a Shelf Corp?"  Now the question is YES!!! 

PDF Screen shots, Detailed Instructions How to Purchase a Shelf Corp for under $100!

If you're considering making this purchase and you have not read the 2010 Shelf Corp Secrets;  I recommend you first purchase the 2010 Shelf Corp Secrets (ARIZONA EDITION), or visit our Buy Now page and purchases both at the same time!  You should review the 2010 version first then proceed to the 2012 version.

Why The Florida Edition Shelf Corp Secrets?

1. Q. What is the 2012 Shelf Corp Secrets?

A. The 2012 Shelf Corp Secrets is a guide to acquiring aged corporations with and without established credit.

2. Q. How much is Shelf Corp Secrets

A. Shelf Corp Secrets is for sale for 349.99 but onsale at our regular ebook price $59.99 for a limited time.

3. Q. Why is shelf corp secrets so expensive?

A. The information in SCS is powerful, to say the least. I have yet to find a complete guide outlining everything needed to complete this task.

4. Q. Is it better to buy shelf corp secrets than it is to buy a shelf corporation?

A. We feel it's better to buy the Ebook which shows you "How to purchase a Shelf Corp or Mulitple Shelf Corps for under $100.00 rather than spending thousands for 1 with no understanding on how to buy another without spending thousands more.  If you are willing to put in a little bit of time researching corporations, and your goal is to obtain multiple corporations to increase the amount of business credit that you have access to, Shelf Corp Secrets is for you. If you have the funds to purchase a shelf corporations, and simply prefer to have everything done for you, you may want to purchase a shelf corporation.

5. Q. What are the advantages of using shelf corp secrets as opposed to starting from scratch with the business credit bible?

A. In my experience, I have noticed that it is MUCH easier to acquire credit with an aged corporation. If you have identical credit files, but your company is 3 years older, you will get more credit than the younger company.

6. Q. Why use a shelf corp instead of building from the ground up?

A. Using a shelf corp will both save you time and the headache of building business credit but not everyone has the budget for it.

7. Q.Is there a difference between getting a shelf corp w or w/o pervious built trade lines?

A. The only difference is that you will have to build credit on the shelf corp as you would a new corporation. The advantage here though is that your company is older and the business credit building will still be accomplished faster than you would with a brand new corporation.

8. Q. What will be our total cash out when acquiring a shelf corp?

A. Now that I have mastered the process, I do not spend more than $250 for a shelf corporation. I also do not pay to pull the credit of the corporation. Your total expenses will be the cost of the corporation ($250), plus address and phone number. You can easily get each corporation ready to go for less than $400 with the 2012 Shelf Corp Secrets.

9. Q. Are we acquiring the assets of the shelf corp?

A. No. You are not acquiring assets.

10. Q. Will having a shelf corp gives us any advantages in bank loans &/or lines of credit acquisition?

A. Having a shelf corporation will make you look much more favorable to the banks opposed to starting with a brand new one.

11. Q. Is there a money back guarantee for Shelf Corp Secrets?

A. Yes there is a money back guarantee!  I use this exact system to acquire all my corporations and I KNOW IT WORKS. I still use this process today. Our orginal 2012 Shelf Corp Secrets sold thousands of copies and we have only gotten high reviews!  We made this version due to popular demand and we made it Better!

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