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Below you will find various web masters and some consumers who are so in need of attention we have taken the steps to bring them into our spotlight!  Some of these actors are so brazen that they have even taken step to smear the name Legal CPN in order to promote their products or services.  We had taken the position of the sleeping tiger but we are awoke and we have taken the steps to combat these evil actors; with proof. 


Global Software Inc Richard Goddeau; just proves you cant even trust a blind man!  This guy is a 100% Scam Artist!  Below you will find numerous articles written on this guy and his company.  We will allow the articles to speak for themselves.  Our complaint with this guys is, first we noticed after stumbling onto his site he literally took every word from our website, cut and pasted it onto his site.  He then started an imaginary word called a (BCN) (ICN) Business Credit Number and Individual Credit Number, instead of (CPN) Credit Profile number.  We had little problems with him "creating" a new made up product and selling it to someone who bought his scam artist pitch.  We have several website's posted to educate consumers, sell them a legal CPN, and help them create credit.  We know our products work and we have an army of paid consumers who has secured several times in financing, tradelines, leases, utilities and other life needs with a (CPN Number) but if he wants to create and sell business credit numbers and individual credit numbers fine; we have no control over Richard Goddeau Global Software Inc SCAM.  The tipping point for us due to Richard Goddeau scam was when he started lying to our clients to promote Richard's Scam.  Case in point is listed below (noted case in point.)  Beware of this guy or anyone who tells you CPN's don't work, or someone who recreates a new name for CPN. 

Proof Richard Goddeau is a Long-Time Running SCAM ARTIST!   These are articles which we found on goggles page 1 of GSCSC.  We were shocked then we realized Richard used the old time trick of trash the best of field to redirect their clients.  I hope not to many of you were fooled by Business Credit Numbers and Individual Credit Numbers, we have received a few calls.  Also as the article below states, beware of Richard Goddeau Corporate Credit SCAM, we figure he has switched gears to return to swindling the big bucks of establishing corporate credit clients.  If it cant be done with a CPN or a personal business profile in this tight credit environment, it is a waste of time and it cant be done, we deal with hundreds of persons per week and we would know. 

Guaranteed Business Credit (New Name / New Number Means New Credit)