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LEGAL CPN:  is the only company which can create a 800 credit score consistently within 5 business days!  We are the Leader!  We share sector space with both Legal Zoom and Lexington Law; Legal CPN is the ONLY company out of the 3 companies who can literally create a 800 credit score in 5 days; Period!  No other company has such a track record or can make such a legitimate claim!  Furthermore, Legal CPN is the only company who can work with a client with a 500 credit score and  raise their credit score 100-150 points literally within 5 days!  We Are The Leader! 

Here at Legal CPN youll find quick and easy ways to boost your credit score, repair your credit, purchase a aged shelf corps, purchase a CPN, add seasoned trade-lines or obtain loan financing. Year after year; Legal CPN has grown and led the credit repair industry servicing more than 376,000 clients with a affiliates team of more than 600 members; We Are the Experts! Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If you have questions about our web site, our operations, or our products there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer. Legal CPN's domain has been on-line well over 4 years servicing thousands of clients services, ebooks and tradelines.


Legal CPN has the largest library of Seasoned Trade-Lines; Ranging $500.00 to $115,000.00 Limits; with 2 to 25 years of Seasoned Tradeline History! The ability to boost your score into the 700 range and above is the real power of real credit enhancement! Others companies can not say this! You can visit Lexington Law, Legal Zoom or any other company which will service you for other services which WILL NOT result in a real credit boost; to a level and within a time frame which Legal CPN can provide it's clients! Other Companies Talk While Legal CPN Makes It Happen! We service real people, with real credit needs and Legal CPN will produce real results! Please feel free to visit our TESTIMONIAL PAGE; and see what our clients has said about Legal CPN and our service.