Thank you for your interest in Mega Corp Lender List. In this current economic environment, many small businesses are facing tremendous financing challenges. As a result, they're putting their dreams on hold and halting projects as they ride out the economic storm.  Recent changes in the bank lending practices and loan programs meant many businesses might not have the opportunity to obtain financing.

Our Mega Corp Lender List provides opportunities which could help business owners continue to manage and grow their companies and get their financial dreams back on track.  Ox Funding offers programs dedicated to helping individuals and small businesses with information designed to help them acquire loans made available through local lending institutions. We have found that the right information has provided opportunity for individuals and small business owners to obtain loans and effect immediate cost savings for the business owner.

The Benefits of Receiciving a Mega Corp Loan:
The benefits of receiving a Mega Corp Loan often can be realize when you choose to buy real estate, acquire a new business or franchise, purchase equipment or increase working capital.  
As with any loan, the interest rate and monthly payment for a loan will vary, depending on the transaction.

Also, the amount of cash you'll need at closing will vary, depending on the type of loan you choose. Expenses such as closing fees and appraisals often can be included in the financing package; a feature that may or may not appeals to many applicants. Furthermore, many loans are made to acquire owner-occupied commercial real estate. Down payments for these loans can be as low as 10 percent which is much lower than for other types of financing, so less cash would be required for closing.

Often a business will grow through the purchase of another company, additional inventory and new equipment will be needed. These are very important point to list as the reason for seeking a Mega-Corp Loan.

Choosing the right financial services company to help you obtain a Mega Corp Loan, is as easy as locating the right lender on Our Lender List, Simply Calling The Lender, and requesting additional information as to their Loan Program.

When Appling for a Mega Corp Loan Information is Key! 

You should fully understand what the bank wants to see in their borrowers.  You should also understand what information the bank needs for a successful application. Calling the bank and gaining this information; prior to you submitting a application is key!  Obtain this information can be the difference between getting a loan approved or denial. 

With our lender list you will know; who, what, and where to apply for a large mega corp loan.  Our List will also provide you the banks contact information so you can submit your application and make a direct contact within the bank. You will also recieve  a website address where you can simply click and submit your application.

The majority of banks we refer in our lender list are Preferred Lenders.  That is a designation that empowers a company to handle all aspects of the loan process, from making its own credit decisions to funding the loan.  This means your file is processed by the bank you contact.  Since the Preferred Lender makes the decision on your loan application, your Mega-Corp Loan is processed quickly and you get a decision within days.

Due to the nature of the information contained in our Lender List we do not releasing any bank or lender names as to protect the value of our lender list to paid purchasers.  Our Mega Corp Lender List has (25 Banks) Listed Within the Report.  If you are or will be seeking a loan; this product is for you!

Thank you for you attention the Mega Corp Lender List can be purchased below.



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A Mega Corp Loan is a title given to a loan which is typically more than a million dollars. The true name of the loan can very from bank to bank for each bank might refer to their products differently.  Within this website we will refer to these large loans as Mega Corp Loans.

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