UCC Redemption Knowledge Package:

UCC Prisoner & Incarceration
Study Guild

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC-1) Package:

UCC-1 Document Perparation Course  VOL.23

UCC Prisoner & Incarceration Study Guild  VOL.6

UCC Redemption Knowledge Course   VOL.8

Secured Party Creditor Training Package:

Secured Party Creditor Document Preparation Course  VOL.36

Secured Party Creditor Training Package:

Secured Party Creditor Document Preparation Course  VOL.36


Our program allows you to follow the basic step by step instructions in the state where the debtor has its principal office.   The Secured Party Creditor Programs provides  recommended checklist, documents, numbers steps with instructions as well as provide FORMS & TOOLS which will result in you will obtaining a superior position to the extent of your inventory/ YOUR STRAWMAN; and a secured position subject to the existing secured’s position on all other assets of the debtor’s business/ YOUR STRAWMAN.   The “additional wording” is as follows and included in our UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (UCC1) PACKAGE: Which items and shows an actual illustrations of a properly prepared (UCC1) including all inventory, proceeds of sold inventory, accounts receivables, fixtures, cash, equipment, bank account balances and real property. 

The purpose of the UCC-1 FINANCING STATEMENT is to create a public and private notice of a superior (first in line, first in time) security interest, claim, or lien on collateral.  The Secured Party Creditor may be you or another person that you have entered into a contract with. Evidence of contract for the purpose of capturing your Debtor is your SECURITY AGREEMENT. We will cover various ways to becoming a Secured Party Creditor, It will be necessary for you to complete a primary UCC-1 FINANCING STATEMENT and if circumstance warrants, one or more informational filings (ALL OF WHICH IS COVERED IN THIS PURCHASE).  


As stated a Secured Party Creditor is someone who holds a security interest in some goods or property of a debtor. A secured party creditor is established by filing the UCC-1 Financing Statement document with the secretary of state in the state you are residing in, an informational UCC-1 Financing Statement maybe required if you live in another state than the state you were born in (AS WELL AS OTHER DOCUMENTS WHICH ARE COVERED IN THIS PURCHASE). 


The First most important step in becoming a Secured Party Creditor is reading!


Reading the contents of this purchase; offers Step by Step instructions on how to fill out and file your UCC-1 Financing Statement, Commercial Lien, Security Agreement, Power of Attorney, Hold Harmless and Copyright Notice. Completely updated and revised in 2011; you could not ask for better UCC-1 Lien Process Program.  This purchase includes Complete Student Training, Basic UCC Document Preparation, Secured Party Creditor Paperwork and documents, and ADVANCED UCC Document Preparation and so much more.  You are purchasing the tools, training and products needed to become a Secured Party Creditor.

Use this powerful program, resources, and materials and get started TODAY!





Legalucc Secured Party Training Program

REDEMPTION; Edition 4.5
(Secured Party Creditors)

Remeption Manual

Complete UCC1 FAQ (96 pages)

Secured Party Creditor Training Package:

Secured Party Creditor Document Preparation Course  VOL.36





Legalucc Secured Party Training Program

REDEMPTION; Edition 4.5
(Secured Party Creditors)

Remeption Manual

Complete UCC1 FAQ (96 pages)



Secured Party Creditor

UCC-1 Financing Statement (Notice of Lien) And All other relevant UCC Filing Forms
(As Per Your Filing State or Jurisdiction)

Security Agreement (Agreement to all persons)

Notice of Security Agreement

Power of Attorney (over your strawman)

Birth Certificate Bonds

Form 56

Form W-8BEN 

Declaration of Status 

Form 1040-V (initial payment voucher for account adjustment)

 Although this is a home study course; it does include account manager support, mailing and filing instructions.

Hard Copy $899.99/   Instant Download PDF Copy $99.97

"The Filing of Your Secured Party Creditor:  Gives You Ownership of Your STRAWMAN." You Hold the Claim,
The Superior Claim, if ANY Government or Corporation Wants to Lien Your STRAWMAN! 
They Must Pay Your Claim Off First!


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